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Classes Offered

Basic Class:

Vision for Children's Ministry

What is God's Heart for Children?

Why Kids Come to Church?

The Ministry of a Children's Leader

Elements of a Children's Service

How to Use Objects to Teach the Word of God.

Create your own Object Lesson

Creating a learning Environment

Memorizing Scripture

Why Use Games in Your Service?

Teaching HIS Story

Lesson of the Teapot

Leading Children in Worship

Classroom Control

Engaging Preschoolers

Learning Centers

Involving Children in Bible Stories

Engaging Families

Be Imitators

Characteristics of a Child

And More

Intermediate Class:

Working Together

5 Basic Techniques of Puppetry

How to Make a Puppet

Use a Child's Multiple intelligence to Teach the Word of God

How to Use a Pocket Chart To teach the Word of God

Personal Evaluation of Yourself and Your Ministry

Communicating with Children

7 Things Pastors Hate

Using Drama in Your Service

Advanced Puppetry Techniques

Writing Puppetry Skits

Using Science Experiments to Teach the Word of God

Make Your Pocket Chart

Make a Puppet for Your Church

And More

Advanced Class:
What's Up
Characteristics of a Great Leader
Ministry to Babies
Building Bridges of Outreach
Using Your Abilities
And More
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